Ongoing Gathering for Conscious Skincare Practitioners in discovering and activating your unique gifts and strategies
for creating abundance and sustainability in difficult times.

"I love having the opportunity to connect with Dawn directly and hear her story.  She shares both her business insights and her internal motivations for her company and her life. When else does an opportunity come around to connect with the leader of a "best indie" brand creator? Not often! Enjoy the opportunity!

Dawn is graciously taking the charge to guide us as participants and co-creators in our vision of our best selves within our business structure. She is giving us prompts that help to clarify our unique gifts and how that might manifest in bothour brand and our lives, and ultimately in the treatment room with each client.

This course is a beautiful blend of personal story, business strategy, and abundance visioning that will help take your independent skincare business to the next level!"   - Maelon Saress, Tucson AZ

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