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WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE? DO THE DATES ON YOUR PRODUCTS MEAN?  This is the date the product was produced.  All products are good, unopened, for 18 months from that date.  Although you will likely use them up or sell them long before they expire.  Our products are organic/natural and are more sensitive to temperature extremes.  We recommend taking that into consideration when stocking and storing them.  Also, please see the note below regarding variances due to seasonality. 

DO YOU HAVE SAMPLES?   We do not provide samples.  We recommend purchasing one of our Trial kits

HOW CAN I GET INGREDIENT INFO?   If you would like information about product ingredients click here for a google link to the list.  

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS CRUELTY FREE?  Yes our products are proudly cruelty free!

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS VEGAN?   Most of our products are Vegan and some are not.   Each product states on the label if it is Vegan.  You can access our ingredients list for which products are and are not click here  

MY SHIPMENT ARRIVED DAMAGED AND SOME ITEMS ARE BROKEN!   We are so sorry and unfortunately this sometimes happens. Please note the following so we can file a claim and replace your items

1. Take a picture of the damage to the package before opening it
2. Take a picture of the shipping label
3. Take photos of each broken item
4. Email us with the order number and date and all photos

THE PUMP ON MY SUNSCREEN WONT WORK!  Its usually just an air bubble or clump of product. Here is a little fix to try....

1. Tap the bottom of the bottle on a surface that wont break it
2. Take the top off, then tap the bottle again with the top off
3. Put the top back on and tap the bottom of the bottle again
Try this once or twice, it usually works

IMPORTANT NOTE  **** We are in the process of improving our product range with a new lab. Our entire range will be updated and improved with new ingredients and many with new scent blends. Please be aware that ingredients may change or vary. Please refer to our updated the UPDATED INGREDIENT LIST.****

Many of our professional organic skincare products are small batched and made upon ordering. Minor inconsistencies in color, texture and scent may occur and are normal.