I really love Dawns products! They are organic, have great textures and really do what they are designed to do.  Besides all that, she's a great entrepreneur and her stuff is ecologically sourced and made.  I haven't found any better." - Nina Simons, Bioneers

As a spa professional for more than 30 years, and a passionate advocate for sustainability in the skin-care industry, I have strived to create a truly high-performance, eco-friendly line that will help you and your clients achieve radiant, healthy skin - naturally. 

Early in my career I discovered an intuition about ingredients - and a knack for combining them - that improved my clients’ skin dramatically.  My colleagues affectionately referred to me as “Dr. Dawn.”  This unique ability has helped thousands achieve transformative results.

A series of life-changing events, and my growing concern about the impact of my industry on the planet, led to a major turning point in my practice.  As an Esthetician in the treatment room, I wanted results for my clients.  As an environmentalist I wanted organic.  I looked extensively for a product that was organic and gave my clients the results they desired, and when I couldn’t find it I embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Dawn Lorraine, Conscious Skincare.  Dawn Lorraine is an organic brand dedicated to Skin Care Professionals who want to make a difference, both for their clients and the earth.


"I have been getting facials from Dawn for more than 12 years now.  Not only has she helped me smooth my wrinkles but she has also supported me in making lifestyle changes that have made my life better.  She continually inspires me to be the best I can be.  Between her amazing acumen for skin and her love for dogs I just naturally started calling her the "Skin Whisperer" about 10 years ago... a description that has become more true with every passing year ."  Colleen, CA